Startup Challenge Themes

Indigenous Product Development to Provide Automation Solution to any Local Industry

Do you have an idea that can enhance efficiency, reduce loses or help revamping of any industry. ...

a. IOT based solutions
b. Production increase of target industry
c. Efficient systems
d. PLC/SCADA based novel solutions
e. System upgrades/ Machine modifications
f. Predictive maintenance
g. Autonomous Control
h. Autonomous Machines
i. Warehouse Management
j. Sensors/ image processing based systems
k. Condition Monitoring
l. Reverse Engineering
m. Cost effective and reliable solutions
n. Manual to Automated solutions
o. Or similar areas

Indigenous Product Development for Solving Societal Problem(s) using Robotics & Automation

Are you a techy who wants to work for community by solving problems through robotics. ...

a. Smog Issue
b. Recycling systems
c. Waste reduction
d. Clean drinking water
e. Water management
f. Pollution prevention
g. Safe cities
h. Educational robots
i. Energy generation / conservation
j. Clean energy
k. Efficient communication tools
l. Mechanization of labor intensive systems
m. Medical devices
n. Agricultural robotics
o. Unmanned systems
p. Swarm robotics
q. Collaborative Robots
r. Manual to Automated solutions
s. Products for CPEC
t. Or similar areas

Key Milestones of Startup Challenge

Step 1:

Deadline for concept note submission (Extended Deadline 30th April 2022)

I: Download and fill concept note template.

II: Create a (max) two minutes video explaining your product/idea and upload it on YouTube.

III: Submit concept note.

Step 2:

Pre-Screening by external reviewers (Mid of May 2022)

Step 3:

Notification to shortlisted startups - Stage 1 (Mid of May 2022)

Step 4:

Product development period (April to Mid-July 2022)

Step 5:

Final Pitching Rounds - Stage 2 (End of July 2022)

Download Concept Note Template

Please click here to download concept note template. Please fill all the sections(where applicable). Incomplete forms shall not be entertained.

Submit Concept Note

Duly filled concept note complete in all respects along with a two minutes video uploaded on YouTube explaining the working model of product, should be submitted here by 30th April 2022 . On receipt of the applications the proposals will be evaluated internally as well as externally.

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